Everton Park Development & Laneway Dining Precinct

Could Everton Park been dubbed as one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets?

Could Everton Park been dubbed as one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets?

Situated approximately 8 kilometres from Brisbane’s bustling CBD this north west suburb has gradually been on the rise since Masters and Woolworths moved in, in April 2015. Although Master’s lifespan was short lived in the neighbourhood this hasn’t hindered the enthusiasm of young professionals buying and renting in the area.

This development has certainly had an impact on the real estate landscape in this precinct with a serge in the median house price from $510,000 in April 2015, when the development was completed, to $608,000 in April 2018.

The most dramatic increase was documented in 2016 at 11.81% compared to it’s previous year sitting at 2%. It can be surmised that the move in to the area of the major retail players like Woolworths in 2015 and the influx of smaller retail chains and restaurants that followed has been a contributing factor to the rise of property prices.

But, hold onto your hats! Everton Park is about to undergo yet another transformation with the announcement of the up and coming Laneway ‘Dining Precinct’ at Everton Plaza, located at 791 Stafford Road, Everton Park.

The development application has been lodged, designed by Marsden Collective, the proposal is for the refurbishment and revitalisation of the retail rear space between the north and south shopping centre buildings to create a ‘Park Lane’. A redesign of the thoroughfare proposes to create a vibrant and pedestrian friendly connection from the shopping centre.

The ‘Dining Precinct’ involves internal refurbishments improving the aesthetic appeal of the shopping centre. A new indoor / outdoor alfresco dining precinct will provide a modern design that seeks to improve the customer experience.

Five retailers are the first to be announced for the Neighbourhood Centre, ‘Laneway’ development, including… 5 Boroughs, Corbett & Claude, Comuna Cantina, Stellarossa and Neighbourhood Market Co.

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