Mane Property is a real estate agency that was founded with the purpose of connecting Australians with high quality properties in Brisbane as homes and investments.

Our Clients are everyday Australians who come to us to utilise our years of expertise in buying, selling, leasing, and renting properties in Brisbane. We ensure that our Clients’ experiences with property are great ones.

James Buckley

Sales Director

James Buckley has over a decade of experience working in property sales, specialising in off the plan sales, residential sales, and development sales at various points throughout his career. During his career, James has sold a wide variety of property, from $250,000 units up to $10 million development sites.

Prior to his career in property, James worked as a mortgage broker; this prior experience gives James a much wider understanding of the factors involved in a property purchase and is a key factor in how he gets the best results for his clients’ properties. James also regularly attends AREC, the largest real estate training conference in the nation, to keep his skills sharp and his knowledge current.

Most recently, James has focused his efforts on sourcing development sites for Mane’s developer partners. James is well-versed in development feasibility as well as Brisbane City Council development requirements; as a result, James has an expert eye for locating profitable developments.

As Sales Director at Mane Property, James’ ambition is to grow Mane Property to multiple offices throughout Queensland as well as growing the Property Management arm of Mane Property. On a personal level, James wants to buy a property in Northern New South Wales near the beach so he can spend more time surfing and fishing.

James is a strong believer in charity. Within his personal capacity, as well as Mane Property’s, James has supported numerous charities and sporting events within the local community. This ties in with James’ desire to provide a level of service and integrity that redefines how real estate is done in Australia.

Jeremiah Chung


There is nothing Jeremiah Chung won’t do to deliver premium results to his vendors. He offers a direct and no-nonsense approach to real estate sales, bringing a solid background in customer service to his role with the team at Mane Property.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent, he has become known as a specialist for properties sold throughout the inner northern suburbs. A skilled professional with a finger on the pulse of the property industry, Jeremiah strives to provide a client experience like no other. He likes to create and work in partnership with sellers to achieve premium prices for their property.

His knowledge of the property market plus a hard work ethic and expert negotiation skills makes a powerful combination that gives him an edge over the competition. He is a man of his word who is dedicated to achieving results that far exceed his vendors’ expectations.

Emmanuel Calder

Sales Specialist

Emmanuel adheres to his values of honesty, integrity, passion, and determination in all aspects of his life. Growing up on a farm, coupled with his nine years of work as a tradesman, taught Emmanuel the value of hard work, and he brings this ethic into his role as a Sales Specialist.

A born people-person, Emmanuel’s engaging personality and active listening skills allow him to understand your property needs – even when you aren’t certain exactly what you’re looking for. His knowledge of the property market and real estate processes, including property development, allow him to solve your property challenges. His strong values drive him to always act in your best interest and keep you at ease throughout the entire process.

Within the Real Estate industry, Emmanuel is known for his skills in on-market sales, off-market sales and negotiation for residential properties; this is where his farm-bred tenacity and work ethic is used to consistently achieve great outcomes for his clients. 

Emmanuel is proactive, ambitious, and results-driven. He never gives up until he has achieved the best possible outcome for you; nothing gives him more satisfaction than a job well-done. His goal is to achieve marketplace dominance and open a new branch within a core market as a Sales Director.

Emmanuel’s industry colleagues have dubbed him “Grasshopper”, since grasshoppers can only jump forward, never sideways or backwards.

Angela Rundle

Sales Specialist

Her diverse career across a variety of industries has instilled in Angela the universal skill of being able to bridge people together to reach favourable outcomes, regardless of the situation. Throughout her three years working in the real estate industry, Angela has devoted herself to her ongoing training and development, using her naturally bubbly persona to great effect as a negotiator.

Within her role as a Sales Specialist, Angela works to build a rapport with homeowners, buyers, developers, and the industry as a whole. Angela believes that by bringing people together, she can empower them to achieve their goals, hopes, and vision, and thrives by sharing in that process together with them.

In her personal life, Angela’s property ambitions lay in the direction of interior design. She aspires to build a portfolio of properties, renovate them, and develop her passion for interior decorating and furnishing. Long-term, Angela aims to build a business offering boutique accommodation constructed from repurposed shipping containers – a goal emblematic of the unique perspective and problem-solving skills she brings to her role and the industry.

Tiarna Crowley

Head of Property Management
Starting in the real estate industry over 15 years ago, Tiarna has an exceptional skill base, knowledge and experience.     
Tiarna is highly motivated, passionate and prides herself on her work ethic; these qualities help her accomplish her goals and provide the support the Property Management team need to accomplish theirs.  
It is the fast paced and unpredictable nature of property management that Tiarna thrives on. Always one to get stuck into a sticky situation, she loves using her problem-solving skills to the benefit of all parties – not every problem has the same solution!
Tiarna ensures she is always up to date with the most current legislation, market trends and best practises as well as exploring emerging technologies that could enhance improvements in both efficiency and service standards, and the all-round customer experience.